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LGBT: A Community Of People With Different Gender Preference

LGBT stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. A lesbian is a woman who is interested in another woman or who falls in love with another woman; gay means a man who is interested in another man or falls in love with another man, bisexual means a person who does not have a specific gender preference and can fall in love with any gender and transgender means a person who does not have a specif gender type. This is a community of all the genders involved above. It is common and natural to fall in love with any gender a person wants. It should not be a problem for anyone as love is all about what a person feels for another person in the way to grow together and mental development. It is nothing about loving the opposite gender or being interested in the opposite gender only.

Problems faced by community

People have the right to be interested in anyone irrespective of gender, caste and religion. There are various places where the LGBT community is not accepted, and it is taken as a curse to the family. People have a hard time understanding that it is nothing bad to belong to a community where they love another person of the same gender. Various countries have legalised same-sex marriage because they believe that love is eternal and cannot change it using any therapy. Every year in February, thousands of LGBT community people and many others gather together to make their presence valuable and tell the world that it is not a shame to be called lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. It is something eternal which no one else can understand. The protest is nothing violent; it is just a small march around the city with the LGBT community flag telling the society that they exist and it is completely healthy and is not a mental disease. Many families take their son or daughter for therapy when they know about their gender preference in terms of love and interest. They believe that there is some stress or mental disease that is making them doubt their gender. In some families, when a person reveals that he is interested in the opposite gender or is fine with any gender, they discard that family member. It is not acceptable in the smaller towns, and they take it either as disrespectful to the family or as a curse. There are parts of the country, such as rural parts, where people are not aware of the LGBT community or are aware it is normal to have different gender interests. There are times when such revelations turn out violent, and the person is killed by the local community people or is left to die on the streets by the family.

It should not be a problem if a person does not have similar interests in loving another person of a different gender. This is their personal life, and they have all the right to fall in love whoever they want to. Earn the money and support our brothers and sisters. Play simple and interactive betting games at 겜블시티 가입방법.