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How LGBT Communities Have Progressed Towards Equality?

LGBT communities have existed for a long time, however, their rights were nowhere to be seen back then. These communities were opposed largely since it was against the norms to be sexually interested in someone of the same gender. Society had claimed that a man could only ever love a woman and vice versa. If someone goes against these rules, then it was considered to be a grave offense. In many countries, it was even punishable by death or imprisonment. Just because the LGBT population was limited and they were uncommon, society deemed them to be criminals. But one question that they would never be able to answer is that how can loving someone be an offense?

How can loving someone be a crime?

Spreading love is always good no matter the gender. Sexual interest is just a matter of preference and society should not be the one to decide that loving in a certain way is right and in some other way is wrong. How is it that these people, even when all they wanted was to love, were deemed to be criminals and the society was considered to be pure when they were the ones spreading hate? LGBT communities have struggled so much in the past and even in the present, their situation isn’t as great as one would expect. However, it is not to say that the situation hasn’t improved.

How has the situation improved?

The situation of LGBT communities has improved a lot in the past few years. While the situation is not even close to being good, one still cannot deny that some positive changes have been made. These changes have been very significant and have improved the status of the LGBT communities worldwide. If one were to compare the situation of LGBT communities 10 years ago with their situation in the present, they will have to admit that severe changes have been made for their betterment and they have been progressing towards equality.

Many countries that considered LGBT communities to be illegal have changed their laws, making them an acceptable part of society. Gay marriages, living relationships, and more have been legalized too. While the major movement has been a witness in the west, the eastern countries have also improved quite a bit in this sense.

Does the situation still need improvement?

While the situation has improved, it is still not anywhere close to being an ‘equal’ society for everyone. A lot has to be changed and if things keep going the way it is, this dream of an equal society may be accomplished one day. Transgenders, gays, bisexuals, and lesbians should not only be legally accepted everywhere but even society should welcome them wholeheartedly. Even in the 21st century, the LGBT community has only managed to be accepted in the eyes of the law but not in the eyes of every person. Society still considers gays and bisexuals as people against nature and this needs to be changed.

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